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LGBTI Community Ageing Network

To inspire the wellbeing and inclusion of LGBTI seniors in the Sunshine Coast areas


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LGBTI Community Ageing network, Sunshine coast
Based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, LGBTI CAN was established to help aged care and health service providers meet the needs of members of the LGBTI community as they age.
Awareness of the needs of LGBTI seniors is increasing here in Australia and overseas. This is due to agitation by older activists (the “Silent Generation” – born 1923-1944) and also the “Baby Boomer” generation who are reaching older age and expecting to receive culturally appropriate services.

Our group is comprised of:

  • organisations that provide services to older people,
  • those who are LGBTI allies, and
  • LGBTI older people (our Living Legends)

We also welcome any other service providers who are allies, and celebrate LGBTI older people as well as LGBTI elders in our local community.

LGBTI community ageing network, sunshine coast
Our purpose is:

• Be a source for advocacy and education in creating an awareness of the specific needs of LGBTI people as they age, and for those LGBTI people moving into a caring role
• Develop an ongoing understanding of the needs of the older LGBTI community on the Sunshine Coast so that LGBTI CAN Sunshine Coast advocacy is relevant and beneficial
• Provide a forum where service providers and LGBTI elders can meet to build trust, and a venue for service providers to gain support and build confidence as they transform their organisations into genuinely inclusive services
• A source for policy makers and advisors engaged in developing policies, procedures and strategy documents pertinent to LGBTI people as they age
• Support networking and information exchange between LGBTI CAN members and ensuring LGBTI issues are represented in other aged care forums of which LGBTI CAN participants are members

LGBTI community ageing network, sunshine coast
Indigenous Acknowledgement

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which our group meets, the Gubi Gubi people, and we pay our respects to elders past and present.

LGBTI Acknowledgement

We also acknowledge our LGBTI elders, past and present.  We express our gratitude for the recognition and acceptance of the LGBTI community experienced today and we acknowledge the battles they have fought and our sorrow for the prejudices they have experienced in order for us to be where we are today.

LGBTI community ageing network, sunshine coast
LGBTI community ageing network, sunshine coast
LGBTI Community Ageing Network

LGBTI community ageing network, sunshine coast
LGBTI community ageing network, sunshine coast
LGBTI Community Ageing Network is supported by the following service providers:
Carers Queensland, LGBTI community ageing network, Sunshine coast

Carers Queensland

Carers Queensland is the peak body representing and advocating on behalf of carers throughout Queensland.

Suncare, LGBTI community ageing network, sunshine coast

Suncare Queensland

Suncare’s core business is to understand community needs and develop innovative responses for people who are ageing, living with a disability or mental illness.

spiritual palliative care, LGBTI community ageing network, Sunshine coast

Spiritual Palliative Care

Because the spiritual and emotional needs of the dying are as important as their medical and physical needs.

Other Resources


Queensland Aids Council LGBTI Seniors Community Visitor Service
Trained volunteer visitors with LGBTI senior clients who feel alone or isolated from their community due to health, mobility or other issues.
(Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast)

Wendy Bird
A community for meaningful connection for people of diverse bodies, gender, relationships and sexualities.
(Brisbane, Qld)


Department of Health : Ageing and Aged Care : LGBTI Resources

National LGBTI Alliance
Understanding and celebrating the diversity of genders, bodies, sexualities, and relationships of older Australians.

General news specific to the LGBTI Community

Living Older, Visibly and Engaged
(Sydney, NSW)

Mature Aged Gays
(Sydney, NSW)

Radical Faeries are a loosely affiliated international group of mostly gay men and mostly counter culture pagans.
(Northern NSW)

Older Dykes
(Sydney, NSW)

Welcoming Social Wellness Project
A place for older gender and sexually diverse (GSD) women in Australia to find resources and connect with other women about health and wellbeing.
(Sydney, NSW)

Matrix Guild 
Raising awareness of the health, housing and care needs of older lesbians.

Alice’s Garage
Empowering LGBTI Elders & promoting healthy LGBTI Ageing

Celebrate Ageing
Building respect for older people


Older Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans Association
(United Kingdom)

National Resource Centre on LGBT Ageing

Advocacy & services for LGBT elders



LGBTI community ageing network, sunshine coast
LGBTI CAN operates under the auspices of the Queensland AIDS Council.

The Queensland AIDS Council (QuAC) is an independent community based health promotion charity which encompasses lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and intersex health.